The purpose of this Internal Regime Regulation, in the accommodation called camping, is to set out the operating guidelines and other rules of coexistence of the clients.
All the people that access the Camping are obliged to comply with each and every one of the rules and regulations, which are determined in the current tourist legislation.


INFORMATION.- The reception will constitute the relationship center with the clients, where all the necessary information for administrative purposes and general information will be exposed to the public.


OPERATING HOURS OF RECEPTION.- The hours of continuous operation of the Reception will be in accordance with the camping category between: 8.30 am – 10 pm.

The entrance will be only admitted to those people who, provided with the minimum necessary equipment, will go to practice the camping activity.
It will not be admitted to the Camping, or will be expelled from it (with the help of the agents of the authority if necessary), to the people who fail to comply with the rules of coexistence, morality or decency, or who intend to enter or enter it for purposes of other than the activities of the establishment and those with their belongings occupy or will occupy spaces manifestly disproportionate to the number of people who use it.
Admission to those who are debtors to the company will not be admitted because of services rendered previously and whose amounts would not have been paid in their day.
Children under 18 years of age who are not accompanied by their parents, guardians or teachers, or a person of legal age who is responsible for their custody will not be admitted to the Camping.
The campsite reserves the right of admission of customers in its facilities.


REGISTRATION OF ENTRY.- To lodge in the Camping it is COMPULSORY the presentation of the corresponding National Document of Identity or Passport, or official document that attests the identity of the client and his companions, whenever these are of legal age, as well as to fill out the documentation at each moment required for it. Likewise, the acceptance of the conditions will be signed.


LOCATION OF CARAVAN STORES AND SIMILAR LOCAL FACILITIES.- The installation of tents, caravans, mobile homes and other accommodation facilities can only be carried out during the hours of operation of the Reception Offices, and in the plots or places indicated by the Campsite Management. .
Changes of location must be authorized.
In each plot, only one tent and one vehicle will be installed.
In no case is allowed to exceed the space assigned to each plot.


ENTRY OF ANIMALS.- The presence of any animal that may or can cause any harm, are considered to be potentially dangerous, or may cause any type of disturbance to the clients is absolutely forbiden.
The entrance to the campsite of the clients in possession of a dog will not be allowed, independently of the race or size of this one.


RATES.- Price rates for all items will be displayed, as appropriate, at the Campsite Reception Office or at the place of use of the complementary services, if any. Likewise, the management is empowered to establish a cash flow schedule.
Regardless of the agreed stay time, the company may require customers to pay at any time the services already provided.
It is understood that the different prices are per day, according to the number of overnight stays and regardless of the type of accommodation, accruing at least the amount corresponding to one day and it being understood that the last, or day of departure, ends at TWELVE HOURS.
The departures made after the established time will mean the payment of one more day.
Any modification of the declared stay, or the number of people housed, must be notified in writing in the reception department. Failure to do so will continue to charge your full invoice or the installation of the plot will be withdrawn.
If the client plans to leave the premises and leaves the cabin in the Camping, he will be obliged to inform the Reception Office in writing, which will be able to accept the absence under the agreed conditions or oblige the client to leave the Campsite. with all your belongings.
Customers who intend to make their departure in a time other than the operation of the Reception box, must settle their account in advance.
The price / plot concept includes the occupation of the same through the tent and a vehicle.
The price per person will be charged separately from the previous one depending on their number, with the exception of the children, who will have a lower price. The consideration of children is comprised between:
• Under 10 years and over 3 years, both inclusive.
• The stay of children under 3 years will be free.

The client will have the right to use and enjoy the facilities as long as they are required according to the category of Camping, and therefore must be made available to users.
All the prices of the complementary services offered to the client will be displayed in a visible place at the reception, for the due knowledge of all the people staying at the Camping, as well as the service staff of the same.
REST HOURS AND SILENCE.- They are established as rest hours from 24 hours to 8 in the morning. During these hours the client will avoid all kind of noises, voices, discussions, regulating the sound devices so that they do not cause discomfort to their neighbors.
During these hours the silence will intensify, prohibiting the circulation of vehicles, except for emergencies.


PROHIBITION OF VISITS.- The entrance to the Camping is exclusively reserved to the users of the same one. Exceptionally, the Management, at the request of the client and under his absolute responsibility, may authorize the entry of family or friends, always for a limited time and previously indicated. They will be obliged to hand in at the Reception Office a document proving their identity, which they will collect upon their definitive departure from the premises.
After the agreed time, or if the person makes use of the facilities of the campsite, it may involve for all purposes, the visitor being considered as a client for a day, and must pay the corresponding amount.
Visits outside the opening hours of the reception are not allowed.
The visitor’s vehicle can not be entered in the enclosure under any circumstances.


CIRCULATION AND ESTABLISHMENT OF VEHICLES.- Inside the premises the vehicles will limit their speed to 10km / h. Other vehicles can not circulate than those that are specific to the customers and those necessary for the proper functioning of the facilities. Within the enclosure, the use of the vehicle will be limited exclusively to the access and exit of the customers, avoiding, consequently, another use that is not the indicated one.
The bicycles will always circulate with permission of the Direction in the hours and days previously indicated.
During the hours of silence the circulation of vehicles will be suspended.
Customers will observe parking prohibitions and avoid parking in areas that hinder the circulation and access of vehicles and people.



a) Make use of the facilities and services, in accordance with what is established in the current tourism regulations and in the present internal regime regulations.
b) Know the price of the different services before hiring.
c) Receive the corresponding invoice, made in accordance with current legislation in the matter, of the services used.
d) Carry out the claims it deems appropriate, through the complaint forms provided for this purpose, which must be provided by the company without any objection.
e) Obtain respect for the privacy of the dwelling, prohibiting entry to it without their consent.


a) Comply with the specific rules of the Camping Company, aimed at maintaining the order and proper operation of it.
b) Respect existing vegetation, avoiding actions or the use of elements that damage it.
c) Respect the installations in general, using them properly and leaving them in conditions for a new use.
d) Observe the elementary rules of coexistence, morality, decency and public order.
e) Notify the Camp Management of cases of febrile or contagious disease of which they are aware.
f) Leave the premises once the agreed time has expired, unless it is prolonged by mutual agreement between the parties and prior payment of the stay and other services provided.
g) Collect garbage and waste, depositing them in bags in the containers distributed for that purpose in the places designated for it.
h) Leave the plot or land in which the housing elements have been installed in the same conditions in which it was found.
i) Adopt the necessary precautions to safeguard your belongings and values.


It is forbidden to the clients:
a) Disrupt the silence or rest of the other campers during the hours indicated for that purpose.
b) Practice games or sports outside the designated place.
c) Light a fire outside the designated place.
d) Be accompanied by animals without the security conditions provided for that purpose. These, in any case, must remain constantly moored and in the custody of their owners.
e) Carry weapons or dangerous objects that can cause accidents.
f) Leave trash residues outside the containers intended for this purpose and, especially, throw them into streams, fountains or public roads, being expressly forbidden the use of sources to wash, scrub or rinse.
g) Introduce people not staying in the campsite without prior authorization from the management.
h) To have clothes in places not authorized for it.
i) Install any kind of fences and other constructions on the plot of land used by the camper. Also, perform any earthworks, ditches or any other action on the plot.
j) Perform any kind of acts that may harm the property, hygiene and appearance of the campsite.


SANTCIONS.- The camper who does not respect the norms established in this regulation of Interior Regime WILL BE INVITED TO ABANDON THE FACILITIES. If you do not do it voluntarily, you CAN BE EXPULSED from the Camping in accordance with the current tourist arrangement, even with the help of the agents of the authority if necessary. All of this without prejudice to civil and criminal actions that could be taken by the company’s decision.


RESPONSIBILITY.- By complying with the Camping, as far as care and supervision of the same requires the current regulations on the matter, the company does not take charge of the thefts of any kind and importance that may be the object of the clients.
The company is not responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of fires caused by causes attributable to the campers, atmospheric phenomena or damage caused by the existing vegetation in the enclosure.