Camping Laredo


How to book?

Bookings only available from 5 nights. You may fill our contact website sheet, send us an email or a fax.

Can people under 18 years old camp alone?

They always need to be accompanied by at least of one person over 16 years all. 

Are dogs allowed?

Not dogs allowed in the camping area.

Barbecues are allowed?

You can make barbecues whenever you will have a portable one or using the built barbecues available in the camping.

What is the distance between the camping and the beach?

Straight ahead the distance is 700m.

How far away is the bus station from the camping?

Urban bus stop is 500m far away from the camping entrance. There is one circular route which drives from the town centre (Bus station) to the “Puntal”. Transfer to urban buses is located in the Bus station.

Has the camping pool?

We have two pools, one for adults and other specific for children. WEARING A SWIMMING CAP IS COMPULSORY FOR HYGIENE REASONS.


Which is the bungalows capacity?

Each model has capacity for the specified number of persons described and in no case it can be exceed.

Is possible to install a tent near the bungalow?

In no case is possible to camp in the bungalows area. If you wish you should camp in the specific camp area and invoice it separately.

What kind of facilities I will find inside the bungalow?

Each bungalow is equipped with kitchen utilities, bed clothing and towels.

Are available any baby crib?

Whenever you book with enough anticipation our camping has baby cribs, and high chairs without any additional cost. Crib clothing is not included.

What time is the check out?

Check-out before 11:00h although all facilities are available till 12h. 


What time we can camp?

The time to go camping is 9:00 h to 22:00 h.

What time ends the stay?

Regardless of the time of entry stay ends at 12:00 am the next day.

What is it included in the pitch?

The pitch includes car + tent or caravan. If two stores are installed shall be counted as a plot + Extra store. 

How many cars enter in the pitch?

There can only be one car per parcel regardless as there is space to park a second.